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Forget about calling dozens of vendors to find the best quote for your project. With FilmGack, you can create a request and receive all your quotes in one place. Quick and simple, use FilmGack to find the best price for your camera package!​

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​First you must build your order (it can be changed as much as you want), then review all the bids that come in. You will be alerted by email whenever a quote comes in. There will be a chat window for each vendor that you can go back and forth with as you review the bids. When you choose a vendor, you will need to pay​ a​ 3% ​registration fee ​to lock ​the bid ​in.
​Yes, you can modify the order throughout the bidding process. After locking the bid in, you will need to adjust the order with the vendor.​
​If it is integral to the camera, ​​​it will be included in your order. We suggest consulting your camera department before finalizing the bid so the costs do not go up after the competitive bidding is over.

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